Performance – music installation with colour and figure of the Golden Age.

ZOLOTO is that extent of participation in the imagined world of that very world, which makes any interpretation absolutely impossible. The pure form is the total caprice of the evolution of any aesthetic body. Poema Theatre is one and a half year old, the age when all the visible evolution laws get the basic obstacle. The prolongation of life is just in isolation from some uncontrollable curiosity; the reverse side fascination of the infantile juvenility and the fascinating mirrorness. So, Poema Theatre investigates the phenomenon of mask, dreams, death, insanity and love structures. The theatre of intense dialectics and all the possible ways of existence, observation and one final look inside yourself… Gold is the confession, the statement and the protection of the pure art Form as a sign of art in general.

The performance roots go back to the hidden dialectics of the scientific works of the Medieval times and the sacred Indian writings. The vague premonitions of the transition into the new culture Era have come to life in the latest stage development pieces of Poema Theatre. This performance is being created in the Contemporary Art Museum “Erarta” and is going to be performed on March 10, 11 only.

Concept, production and direction: Valentin Tszin

Music composition, sound design: Andrey Bundin

Design, lighting, video; Fine Arts Laboratory

Special guest: Sergey Letov

The beauty has hidden behind a new corner now. The beauty is singing the old songs quietly and walking with a baby of the fresh memory. It greets just the whitish water on the cracking boulder, careful and precious boulder. The precious landscape. The rain pulse. And the ankles are listening to each old gap of the windows and the loops of the prop doors. Has it gone out for a walk with a baby? Is it watching it from behind the rim of the expensive glasses? You are a research clerk and you are an old rat, preserving the paper ghost of the unravellessness. Pore yourself out to the top of your bent and bathe your child in your attention. Each gram of dust from your hair is precious to me, but you are protecting carefully the baby, who is walking straight along with you, barefoot, with the milky pink heels licking the clean city. You are proudly hidden in the new city!!!

Saint Petersburg, 2011

photo Alexander Andreev

Zoloto Zoloto Zoloto
Zoloto Zoloto Zoloto