Where the Diamond Sleeps

Kod Epohi / Zeitgeist

Contemporary art, music, dance in the world of ideas and objects 

The All-Russian Museum of Applied and Folk Art, International Culture Project "Art-Residence"

Curators of the festival: Konstantin Grouss, Dmitry Alexeev
Performers: Valentin Tszin, Yuko Kaseki

glaSs graSS grOUND, fallIng criStal voICE

bluE sky aNd golDen TeetH, stEamed FigURe

spiral holE reACH TO MAgMA

brEATh InTo BreATh, refrACTioN lIGHT

tiME of sNOW MElting, tiME of ICIcle hangINg,

sNOw ANgGel, Ice dEviL

INTernal Organs of ANIMAls

Moscow, 2013

where the diamond sleeps   where the diamond sleeps

 where the diamond sleeps   where the diamond sleeps