Ich will 4 Schritte machen

concept and realization

Each new step is in conflict with the last. The conflict lies between what the body is and what it needs to be. The feeling now and the desire for the next step is revealed in Butoh. Each new step cancels the value of the last. Without this conflict there is no Butoh.

The project research grows through the radically different contexts of each individual event. First time, it was premiered at the Societaetstheater Dresden at the white cube space in 2017, the next version was created on the Cargo Theatre boat in Děčín (Czech Republic). Further it found its next form at the Sommerwerft Festival (Frankfurt) and at Schaubudensommer (Dresden). The Berlin premiere happened in the black box of Acud theatre. The basics of the project are always a challenge to Valentin and Daniel in investigating the potential of two opposite but at the same time very similar medias, “Butoh” and “techno”. This potential lies aesthetically and also philosophically as a basis for developing contemporary cultural and artistic issues. “How many doubles do I have? And most interesting is not the quantity of these doubles, but the intensity of their existence at a concrete time and space, and the luck in the centre, controlling them.” (Valentin Tszin, the BRVTALIST magazine). “Butoh like techno has many local variations but it is somehow an international art form - a rhythm shared by many people. And that first time of bringing them together coincided with the development of software and machines that lent themselves really well to improvisation.” (Daniel Williams, the BRVTALIST magazine)

The SCHIZOFRENIE performance concept does not apply to schizophrenia as a category of mental illness in the medical sense, but rather it reflects schizophrenia in a number of theatre, dance and philosophical researchers in the 20th century, for instance, Artaud, Hijikata, Deleuze/Guattari etc. Thus SCHIZOFRENIE has no one fixed format of composition or requirements regarding venue. Rather each next edition is willing to find its own compositional embodiment in non-familiar contexts like theatres, streets, bars, museums, academic audiences etc.


2017 October 01 @ Societaetstheater Dresden DE
2017 October 29 @ Cargo Theater Decin CZ
2018 July 20-21-22 @ Schaubudensommer Festival, Dresden DE
2018 July 30 @ Sommerwerft Festival, Frankfurt DE
2018 November 14-15-16-17 @ Acud Theater Berlin DE

Berlin, 2018