I HAVE KNOWN | Butoh-Kitsch Theater

After one year apart, the two Russian artists and founders of Poema Theatre, Valentin Tszin and Evgenia Chetvertkova, are meeting again to invent a completely new performance. Invited to help realise this new project, composer Emil Lewandowski from London, is honoured to join them as well.

With "I have known", they are constructing a new reality, full of absurd, grotesque and sometimes humorous conventions. This performance is about the union of opposites: old memories generating new fantasies, something forgotten becomes something remembered. Like travelers that don’t have a shelter, they are ready to invent their own home on a journey into the unknown. This performance is a dialogue between motion and inertia, the body and the soul, the up and the down, sanity and madness, music and light.

Performance duration: 54 min (no break)

Performance notes:

On our command, catch a rope and sleep for 5 seconds, then wake up and we will continue.

If you want to clap your hands, please only use one hand.

We will have a device to store the audiences' thoughts. Please place your thoughts in this box and we will use them during the performance.

Berlin, 2016

I Have Known I Have Known I Have Known I Have Known I Have Known