"Drawing from various movement techniques, my aim is to explore the potentiality of bodily transformation through performative action. The goal of the project is not for the participants to 'become' something or someone, but rather to focus on and analyze the process of 'becoming,' and to learn the difference between the two.
I believe that states of being, both physical and mental, have a respective opposition (or "das Gegenteil"). For me, dancing is at once what you are at any given moment, and your opposite.
I have a background in a number of schools of movement, such as taekwondo, drama, physical theatre, throat singing, and my main practice, Butoh. I want to explore the intersections of these diverse techniques (among others) to derive the most inhuman and transformative movement potential of each of us."
Valentin Tszin


We are not just a group of people, but a group of different perceptions on various issues, since there is always more than one perception to each person.
Our idea of reality has the property of constantly changing, otherwise we would not be together.
We are all from different parts of the world, and each of us has a past. We do not discuss our pasts. We also do not discuss the future, because we are interested in the present.
We intentionally do not discuss many things, because talking contradicts our base mission: dance.
dasgegenteil dance is the physico-biolistic ability of any organism to oscillate between two opposites. The whole organism of dasgegenteil is the oscillation between organic and inorganic.
Our formula - dasgegenteil dance - is available to anyone. It is only necessary to draw a vertical line and begin to oscillate between the right and left.
Our dasgegenteil group has the desire to expand and shift. We wish to exist in the territory of your perceptions and geographical positions.